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Extensions Care

You have all this beautiful new hair, now lets learn to take care of it!

What would you like to know more about?

Are you a visual learner? I got you, friend.

I've compiled a collection of how to videos just for you!


Daily Care

1 / Brush.

No, but really, you should brush your extensions multiple times a day. At the very least in the morning and again in the evening before bed with the WetBrush included in your hair care kit!

*When brushing you should isolate each row and brush above and below to make sure there aren't any tangles or knots in between. Using clips will help when you have more than one row.

2 / Hydrate.

Since your extensions aren't getting all those natural oils your natural hair does they need to be hydrated more often! Using a leave in conditioner daily is a simple way to do the trick.

*Try my favorite cocktail! A few pumps of the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, topped with two drops of the ICreate Shine Oil. It's not your average oil😋

Wash Day

1 / Resist the urge to wash

Remember, this is a new head of hair.

If you're used to washing multiple times a week it can be hard to push it but I promise you will adjust! Washing less will help extend the life of your extensions.

*Do not wash your extensions more than 2x a week. Utilize half washes (just the hair on the top of your head) as often as possible. This will ensure your color lasts longer and your extension hair doesn't get dry or brittle.

2 / Brush.

Seriously tho, brushing is SO important.

ALWAYS brush throughly before you wash. 

*I recommend using a clip or Invisibobble to pre-separate your rows before getting in the shower it makes washing easier and allows you to get in at the scalp with minimal tangling.

3 / Wash & Condition

Always use a cleansing shampoo on your scalp, my favorite is the Innersense Pure Harmony Hairbath. And a hydrating conditioner, like the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner on your extensions and ends of your natural hair. There is no need to directly shampoo the ends of your extensions, as you rinse the shampoo from your scalp will run over the ends and that will be enough to get them clean. 

*I highly recommend adding the Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub into your wash routine as it is an excellent way of removing product build up and any scalp flaking due to extended wash times. 

3 / Detangle

Hair is in its most vulnerable state when wet, so lets be gentle!

I recommend wrapping your hair in a microfiber hair towel post shower and allow it to air dry some before detangling. When you are ready to detangle start by separating your hair, starting from the bottom up and clip the remaining hair out of the way for control. Support your wefts at the scalp with your free hand while brushing gently from the ends up towards the scalp. Add more leave in conditioner as needed to detangle!

*Innersense's Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner is my go to leave in conditioner. It's so versatile you can even use it on dry hair! Start by spraying 4 pumps into your hands and awaken the product by rubbing your hands together, then apply over the mids-ends of your hair.

3 / Prep for Style

Once your hair and extensions are fully detangled you may apply any other styling products depending on how you would like to style. Leaning into products with moisturizing properties are ideal, but as long as you are using a solid foundation you don't need any additional styling products!

*You can air dry or blow-dry whatever fits your lifestyle. If you do air dry please don't put your hair up until it is 100% dry and remember, never sleep with wet hair!


Night Time Routine

1 / Setup for Success

I've got you covered friend, included in your hair care kit is a silk/satin pillowcase, this will keep frizz at bay and reduce friction on your hair while you sleep.

*Check out this video to see the difference between silk/satin and cotton!

2 / Protect

When prepping for bed it is best to braid your extensions, place them in a low loose pony or high loose bun with a non elastic hair tie.

*Invisbobble Scrunchies (from your hair care kit) or Teleties are my favorite because they won't leave ya with a bumps or breakage from too tight elastic

3 / Random Tip

If you notice your hair getting greasy soon after wash day, your pillow may be the culprit! I find changing my pillowcase on wash day helps keep my hair fresh longer.

*Our pillows harbor moisture and bacteria so remember not to sleep with wet hair!

Exercise & Outdoor

1 / Workout

For all my exercise girlies, wearing your hair in braids or a low pony is ideal. If you do like a high pony try splitting your hair into two sections (top and bottom) then band them together. This will help reduce tension along your hairline.

*Applying dry shampoo pre workout will help soak up any sweat and help prolong your wash time. If you do feel like the dry shampoo isn't enough instead of shampooing, many of my girls find rinsing with warm-hot water cleanses their hair and scalp enough to go another day or two. 

2 / Outdoor Activities

If you are a pool or beach goer avoid getting your extensions in the water as much as possible. If you do need/want to get your hair wet I recommend wetting your hair with clean water and applying conditioner to your ends prior to getting in the pool or ocean. 

*Your hair is like a sponge so if there is clean water already in it, it will be less likely to soak up the salt or chlorine. A coating of conditioner will also work like a barrier to the hair.

3 / Sunscreen

I'm here for protecting your skin, especially living in Florida but be aware when using sunscreen! Even though you are not applying it to your hair, hair touching your skin or running your hands through your hair can cause transfer. I recommend using a mineral sunscreen as sunscreens containing chemicals like the ingredient, Avobenzone, will turn your extensions PEACH

*Mineral sunscreens with ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are what to look for since they act like tiny mirrors and reflect and deflect the sun rays away from the hair instead of a chemical reaction causing discoloration.


Hot Tools & Styling

1 / Avoid These

Aerosol texture sprays, hairsprays and oils as they are extremely drying and can cause damage in conjunction with heat tools.

*Oils should never be used before heat styling. We don't want to literally fry your hair like an egg in a pan!

2 / Irons

If you are using curling irons, flat irons or any iron waver/crimper keep the temperature under 350 degrees. High heat will cause damage to your extensions and natural hair with excessive use. However, it is ok to use the above mentioned hot tools to help extend the life of your style once or twice a week.

*When using your irons on a lower heat setting it helps to take smaller sections to ensure you get the result you're looking for!

3 / Blow dry Tools

When drying your hair with a traditional blowdryer you may use a large round brush or the Wet Brush from your hair care kit. I'm not a huge fan of blow-dry brushes but if you are going to use one it should be used on hair that is 85% dry or more. 

*The direct contact with the heated metal core with hair that is still very wet can cause damage much more quickly than heated air. 

3 / Blow-dry Tips

I find styling goes quickest when you focus on drying your braid area, as this area will hold the most moisture. By the time that is dry you will have ends that just need to be smoothed vs fully dried.

*Always keep the concentrator (nozzle) of the blowdryer at least 3 inches away from your hair, if not the heat can cause damage to both your extensions and natural hair.

Essential Tools

Included in your Hair Care Kit
1 / Satin or Silk Pillowcase

using the included satin pillowcase will reduce breakage due to friction caused usually by cotton. Satin/silk pillowcases are also great for reducing frizz and cutting down your morning styling routine by knocking out the environment that causes bends and bumps while you sleep.

2 / Invisibobble Scrunchie

Scrunchies are great because they don't have tight elastic inside that can get too tight and cause breakage when placed in the same place over and over again. That's why I included an Invisibobble Scrunchie.


The secret of Invisibobble lies in its spiral shape. Because the invisibobble distributes pressure evenly around your ponytail, you get a strong and comfortable fit. 

3 / Wet Brush

The Wet Brush is my number one most used tool so of course I had to make sure you have one! The Go Green version is made with 58% plant-based plastic and features the same ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles that bend and flex as you brush to easily detangle stubborn knots without ripping straight through them. The unique monstera leaf design runs through hair like fingers and has a curved shape that is super gentle and comfortable on your scalp. 

4 / Shampoo and Conditioner

I have included a trio of Innersense Organic Beauty products to support your scalp and hair. Whether you have the Pure Trio or the Color Trio, both are packed with cleansing and hydrating properties and should be used to keep your extensions in the best condition possible!

4 / Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

Next to my Wet Brush the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner is my favorite daily use product. It is a super light leave in that can be used wet or dry, to detangle, refresh your curls or blow-dry, and add moisture without getting too heavy.

3 / Safe Sunscreen
(not included in your hair care kit, but my recommendation)

Bare Republic -Mineral SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Lotion

Un-tinted, Soft, non-greasy, mineral matte sunscreen 

  • No Chemical Sunscreen Actives

  • Reef Safe

  • Cruelty Free

  • Fragrance Free

  • Mineral Oil Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Made in the USA

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