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It's time to stop fighting with your hair, once and for all.

A Wildflowers Beauty offers low-maintenance healthy hair services for busy women in the Lake Mary, Sanford area. 

Because you deserve to feel hella confident in yourself and your hair routine.


Julia Skwarlo Lake Mary Sanford hair stylist
Julia Skwarlo Lake Mary Sanford hair stylist

"Julia did a great job with my hair! She added some layers to make it have some style and she made sure they were easy enough for me to style despite my busy mom life. It's the best hair cut I've ever had!"

Julia is THE BEST! I’ve searched high and low for someone who can handle my high expectations with my hair. She does a fantastic job giving me a low maintenance highlight that blends my early grays, and I even love the way she cuts my hair. She has such a fun personality and is so genuine and kind. I hope she never quits because I’m a lifer!

-Courtney H.

-Laura W.

Kind Words



United States

Julia Skwarlo Lake Mary Sanford hair stylist

I know how sacred a hair appointment can be.

Whether you're a young woman on-the-go or a working mom juggling it all, sometimes you just need a little escape, I get it.

That's why it's engrained in my mission. I want your time in my chair to be impactful.

My Specialties


Perfect for those looking to add dimension and interest to their hair without the commitment of frequent salon visits. My signature technique provides a seamless blend allowing you to take as much time as you want between appointments. 

Healthy Hair
& Scalp

We live in a world full of quick fixes and chemicals it’s overwhelming to know what’s right for you. I've put in the deep work so you don’t have to and have all the knowledge to share with you to ensure your hair and scalp are always in its healthiest state.
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