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Hey there, I'm Julia!

I do things differently & believe me when I say it doesn’t have to be complicated. 
I'm passionate about protecting our environment and the skin we're in by providing you sustainable clean hair care products and healthy hair that looks natural & effortless longer, giving you more time to focus on what's important to you.
Julia Skwarlo Lake Mary Sanford hair stylist

I'm a strong believer that knowledge is power.

I believe you should love your hair every day in between appointments. I believe when you invest in me as your stylist, you are investing in amazing hair and experience. That means being attentive & delivering realistic, beautiful results.

Most importantly, I strive to provide you with education and solutions to solve any difficulties you may have with your hair, all while achieving the results you're looking for in between your appointments.

When I'm not in the salon you're sure to find me, iced honey cinnamon latte in hand, enjoying some sunshine with my munchkin, Ava and schnauzer mix Maddie.

Whether it's Foxtail Coffee, plant hunting at The Heavy, or maybe an art festival, you just might spot me hanging around enjoying life. Come say hello! :)

Julia Skwarlo Lake Mary Sanford hair stylist
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