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Experience effortless styling and endless confidence with hair that's just like yours, but better

If you're spending your valuable time worrying about your hair, stop. You don't need to.
Because it's not just about having more hair. This is about feeling your absolute best with the least amount of effort. That's where I come in.
By the time we're done, you won't just have longer or fuller hair. You'll have a whole new level of confidence to take on the world like the badass I know you are.
Let's be real, hair extensions aren't for everyone. 

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If right now you're thinking, "Hey that's me!" then it's time to smash that "BLANK" button and get started with your digital consultation form!

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  • What is the Foundation Method?
    This method is a braided technique utilizing your natural hair and extension hair to create a strong, comfortable, healthy foundation with no tension or pulling. That means no beads, tape or adhesives! Just your hair, extension hair, and thread.
  • How is the hair installed?
    After creating a strong braided foundation, your new extensions (also called wefts) will be hand sewn on to your braid. Meaning you will never see beads, bonds or adhesive strips when your hair moves.
  • How many rows will I need?
    One row is perfect for adding fullness and minimal length. It is great for seeing if you like the maintenance of extensions and if this amount of hair is easy and comfortable to blow-dry and style. Two rows of hair is the most common amount of hair worn and is great for adding fullness and a great amount of length. Three rows are a great option for those growing out a shorter haircut or who have tons of natural hair and need to match their density.
  • How long does the extension hair last?
    There are many factors that determine the life expectancy of your wefts. The goal is to have them last 12 months or more. However it will depend on how often they are washed, how much heat you use and if you are using the recommended products to keep your hair hydrated. If they are brushed properly, installed properly, etc. I have an after care guide that you will receive to ensure you have all the knowledge to maintain your investment!
  • What is the average investment?
    The reason you won't find much information about pricing through any extension artist is that the service is so individualized. There are different brands of hair, different lengths and textures, and different amounts of hair needed for each guest. This is all separate from coloring your natural hair as well. What I can say, is that you can't put a price on feeling great and being able to have an easier daily haircare routine! If you would like specific information on pricing, I would strongly recommend filling out my zero-pressure, no-strings attached, complementary pre-consultation form so we can find the best options for you.
  • Are these extensions going to work with my lifestyle?
    The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Because this method uses no adhesives, beads or bonds you can treat these wefts just like you would your natural hair. You can shampoo them, use heat and products on them, and wear them in any style you normally would (including new ones you will be able to do now that you have more hair!) We will talk about the specific products you will need to maintain the life of the hair during your consultation!
  • Will I need these extensions forever?
    Not if you don't want them! Everyone has a different goal for extensions. I am specifically trained with techniques that cause your natural hair NO damage, and I use blending techniques that do not require manipulating your own hair to blend the extensions. Some of my guests wear them forever because they love them, some like to take breaks in certain seasons, or no longer wear them once they have achieved length and density on their own!
  • What is the maintenance like for extensions?
    Your braid will need to be retightened every 6-8 weeks. If you're doing an exceptional job caring for your hair or if your hair doesn't grow as fast, you may be able to extend your retighten appointments between 8-10 weeks.
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